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February has come round the corner again and we’ll all be bombarded with images of love, drowned in red and forced to watch endless love movies throughout Valentines week. In our February debate we’ll be looking at how much relationships actually matter today.

The #RelationshipMatters Debate

Date: Thursday 16th February 2017 (6pm-8pm).


@Moelogo – With songs like “Do you love me?” and “My sweetie”, Recording artist Moelogo will be joining our panel to share his views on relationships and what inspires him to create songs about love.

@Diariesofacitygirl @diariesofmarriage – lifestyle and relationship vloggers Irene and (author of Diaries of Marriage) Tosin are a strong force when it comes to love, relationships and marriage. They will be sharing their views on what keeps their relationship strong and what tools are required for a successful relationship.

@ZezeMillz – Actress/Presenter Zalika miller is known for her controversial views on sex, relationships and gender expectations through her Instagram posts “headscarf diaries”. Zalika will share with us her reasons for starting this vlog; as well as sharing her views on the challenges women face when it comes to equality in relationships and gender expectations in relationships.

Venue: University Of East London (Room CC.G06), Stratford Campus, Water Lane, London, E15 4LZ.

Themes of discussion:

  • What is love and is it relevant to people today?
  • Are relationships starting younger?
  • Is sex still a taboo topic?
  • Social Media and it’s impact on relationships?
  • Why does love sell in music?
  • Where can we learn abot real love?
  • Does marriage matter in todays world?
  • Is celebrity love real?
  • and much more!

We look forward to having you involved in our discussion.