Aims & Objectives


The Insyde Talk Show Aim:

The Insyde Talk Show aims to offer young people and young adults a platform to talk about social issues that concern them, their peers and their communities. This open forum allows young people and young adults to be heard and seen positively engaging in meaningful debates, therefore breaking current stereotypes and negative perceptions of youth today. This show will raise young people’s awareness surrounding issues that affect them and encourage those attending and watching online to work together to raise valid points and come up with collaborative solutions and next steps to influence positive community change.


The Insyde Talk Show Objectives:

  • Champion Youth Voice and Community Cohesion: Hosting regular debates will allow is to provide this safe haven for young people to speak openly which will in turn, encourage community cohesion and support the development of proactive social responsibility amongst 16 – 25 year olds.
  • Become a flag-bearer for the use of Oracy as a vital soft skill for youth development: Too often we hear employers ask for future staff to have good negotiation and teamwork skills. In order for any young person to flourish in today’s employment market we need to ensure they are equip with Oracy skills.
  • Bring Young People together as a “Thinktank” to Discuss, Learn and Listen: Young people ARE interested in socio-political issues, they simply need to be provided with a space to engage actively with their peers.